I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Koç University.

Mailing address: 

Koç University

College of Sciences

Rumeli Feneri Yolu

34450 Sarıyer

İstanbul, Türkiye

Office: SCI 104


Email: ajamneshan@ku.edu.tr

Research interests: Ergodic theory, additive combinatorics, Boolean logic, probability 

I organize the Mathematics Seminar at Koç University, see our seminar webpage for the schedule.  Please write me an email if you wish to speak at our seminar. 

This semester, I am teaching the courses MATH 301 (Real Analysis), MATH 531 (Measure Theory), and MATH 552 (topics course in Additive Combinatorics). In the summer semester, I will be teaching MATH 401 (Complex Analysis). 

Here are links to two recent interviews with the DFG (German Research Foundation), available both in English and German, and with the newspaper Die Zeit within the format "3 1/2 Fragen" (only in German). 


My Google Scholar page


The journal versions may slightly deviate from the latest arXiv versions.

  1. Non-conventional ergodic averages for finitely many commuting actions of uncountable amenable groups and uniform syndeticity, joint with Minghao Pan, forthcoming

  2. The inverse theorem for the $U^3$ Gowers uniformity norm on arbitrary finite abelian groups: Fourier-analytic and ergodic approaches, joint with Terence Tao. arXiv - blog

  3. The structure of arbitrary Conze-Lesigne systems, joint with Or ShalomTerence Tao, submitted. arXiv - blog

  4. An uncountable Furstenberg-Zimmer structure theory, submitted. arXiv 

  5. An uncountable ergodic Roth theorem and applications, joint with Polona Durcik, Rachel Greenfeld, Annina Iseli, José Madridsubmitted. arXiv - video

  6. Decoupling for fractal subsets of the parabola, joint with Alan Chang, Jaume de Dios Pont, Rachel Greenfeld, Zane Kun Li, José Madrid, to appear in Mathematische Zeitschrift. arXiv

  7. Foundational aspects of uncountable measure theory: Gelfand duality, Riesz representation, canonical models, and canonical disintegrationjoint with Terence Taosubmitted. arXiv - blog

  8. An uncountable Mackey-Zimmer theorem, joint with Terence Taosubmitted. arXiv - blog 

  9. Wasserstein Distance to Independence Models, joint with Türkü Özlüm ÇelikGuido MontúfarBernd SturmfelsLorenzo Venturello, published in Journal of Symbolic Computation. arXiv - journal  

  10. An uncountable Moore-Schmidt theorem, joint with Terence TaosubmittedarXiv - blog

  11. Optimal Transport to a Variety, joint with Türkü Özlüm ÇelikGuido MontúfarBernd SturmfelsLorenzo Venturello, published in Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences. MACIS 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 11989. arXiv - journal

  12. A perturbational duality approach in vector optimization, joint with Sorin-Mihai Gradsubmitted. arXiv

  13. A transfer principle for second-order arithmetic, and applications, joint with Merlin Carlpublished in Journal of Logic and Analysis. arXiv - journal

  14. On compactness in $L^0$-modules, joint with Jose Miguel Zapatasubmitted. arXiv

  15. A Fenchel-Moreau theorem for ${\bar L^0}$-valued functions, joint with Samuel Drapeau, Michael Kupperpublished in Journal of Convex Analysis. arXiv - journal

  16. Parameter-dependent Stochastic Optimal Control in Finite Discrete Time, joint with Michael Kupper, Jose Miguel Zapatapublished in Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. arXiv - journal 

  17. Measures and integrals in conditional set theory, joint with Michael Kupper, Martin Streckfuss, published in Set-Valued and Variational Analysis. arXiv - journal 

  18. Multidimensional quadratic BSDEs with separated generators, joint with Michael Kupper, Peng Luopublished in Electronic Communications in Probability. arXiv - journal 

  19. Conditional Preference Orders and their Numerical Representations, joint with Samuel Drapeaupublished in Journal of Mathematical Economics. arXiv - journal 

  20. Sheaves and conditional setssubmitted. arXiv - recent video

  21. The algebra of conditional sets and the concepts of conditional topology and compactness, joint with Samuel Drapeau, Martin Karliczek, Michael Kupperpublished in Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. arXiv - journal 

  22. A Theory of Conditional Sets, PhD thesis. thesis