Department of Mathematics, UCLA

E-Mail:   jasgar (at)

Office:      Mathematical Sciences 6105 

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of UCLA and work in its Analysis group.  My host is Professor Terence Tao.  I am grateful about a research fellowship of the German Research Foundation (DFG).  

Currently, most of my focus is on a systematic understanding of results in ergodic theory for the action of uncountable groups.  I am also interested in related questions in topological dynamics, Ramsey theory, arithmetic combinatorics, and multiplicative number theory.  I have worked on specific problems in mathematical logic, functional analysis, measure theory, optimization and control, stochastic analysis and mathematical finance. 


  • An uncountable Moore-Schmidt theorem, with T. Tao. 


  • Optimal Transport to a Variety, with T. Ö. Çelik, G. Montúfar, B. Sturmfels, L. Venturello, to appear in Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences. 


  • A perturbational duality approach in vector optimization, with S.M. Grad. 


  • A transfer principle for second-order arithmetic, and applications, with M. Carl, Journal of Logic and Analysis, 10(8):1-32, 2018.

       arXiv, journal

  • On compactness in L^0-modules, with J. Zapata, preprint. 


  • Parameter-dependent stochastic optimal control in finite discrete time, with M. Kupper and J. Zapata, preprint. 


  • A Fenchel-Moreau theorem for L^0-valued functions, with S. Drapeau and M. Kupper, Journal of Convex Analysis, 26(2):593-603, 2019.


  • Measures and integrals in conditional set theory, with M. Kupper and M. Streckfuss, Set-Valued and Variational Analysis, 26(4):947-973, 2018. arXiv, journal.

  • Multidimensional quadratic BSDEs with separated generators, with M. Kupper and P. Luo, Electronic Communications in Probability, 22, paper no. 58, 1-10, 2017.

      arXiv, journal

  • Conditional preferences and their numerical representations, with S. Drapeau, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 63:106-18, 2016.

      arXiv, journal

  • Sheaves and conditional sets.  

​       arXiv.

  •  The algebra of conditional sets and the concepts of conditional topology and compactness, with S. Drapeau, M. Karliczek and M. Kupper, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 437(1):561-589, 2016.

      arXiv, journal

  • Iterative Operator-Splitting with Time Overlapping Algorithms: Theory and Application to Constant and Time-Dependent Wave Equations, with J. Geiser, in Wave Propagation in Materials for Modern Applications, InTech open, 2010. Book chapter.


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